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Fight those breakouts with an all-natural, pain-free solution

Looking to stop those painful acne breakouts? Here's an all-natural remedy to help you say goodbye to painful inflamed pimples and blackheads

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You've got a big meeting coming up.

Or it’s date night.

Stress is mounting. You don’t know what to do. And the night before, you look in the mirror and there it is.

A pimple!

No! Two Pimples!

You’re on the verge of a breakout! How could this happen?! Your skincare regime is the best there is. You’re careful about what you eat and how you take care of your skin.

Yet, here it comes!

The dreaded acne.

But what is acne and how can we fight it?

Woman stressed out. Acne is stressful
Acne is so stressful. How can we fight it?

Keep reading for an amazing trick to help fight the dreaded acne and how to keep it off.

What is Acne?

Acne is a super common skin condition. It happens when the hair follicles under the skin become clogged. The pores in your skin become filled with dust, dirt, sweat, oil, and dead skin. Acne also tends to form when there is a buildup of bacteria in the pores.

Acne will present itself through whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. The whiteheads and blackheads are types of acne that aren’t infected. Whiteheads look like small pimples but are not infected. Blackheads are “plugs” that appear to be black but it’s not dirt stuck in the pore.

The last form is pimples. And this is when the clogged pore becomes infected. You can tell a whitehead from a pimple by the inflamed and red area around the pimple.

Magnifying acne spots. What causes acne?/

What causes Acne?

The most common form of acne is acne vulgaris. Over 50 millions Americans every year suffer from acne every year. Of course, a ton of things get blamed for acne. And you’ve definitely heard all the rumors.

Eating chocolate gives you acne! Too much stress gives you acne. Squeezing or picking at pimples. Pollution.

The list goes on.

But, these are more likely only making your acne worse and not actually contributing to your acne.

What’s causing your acne is more than likely one or more of the following:

  • Too much oil in your pores

  • Dirt build up on your skin

  • Bacteria growing in your pores

  • Hormones

  • Family history

  • Age

  • Medications

The pores on your skin connect to a gland deep in your skin called the Sebaceous gland. This creates oils called sebum. This oil gets released in small amounts into your hair and onto your skin. It helps carry the dead skin away so your skin stays fresh.

But, sometimes your glands produce a little too much of the sebum. The excess oil and dead skin then forms what's called a “plug” in the pore. As the bacteria and other substances build up, you begin to develop a pimple.

How to fight Acne

While it’s tempting to want to pop those painful and annoying pimples. The best advice: don’t!

Popping those acne pimples causes more bacteria and dirt to build up in the now open sore. This can lead to a worse infection than if you left the pimples there.

The best way to actually clean your skin is with good skin care practices. Using your hands, apply the skin care to your face and this will cleanse your skin of the acne. You can also do this with wherever your acne is flaring up as well.

But how do you prevent acne from coming back?

The answer is simple: CBD.

CBD can cure a lot. Diagram of what CBD can cure. What CBD can cure

CBD vs. acne

Cannabidiol (known as CBD) can help decrease the amount of acne you can get.

CBD has shown that it can help with reducing inflammation within the body. With the anti-inflammatories in CBD, this calms the skin and reduces inflammation caused by acne.

But how?

CBD has an effect on the sebocytes. The sebocytes are the cells that produce the oily sebum that can lead to acne. The anti-inflammatories in the CBD work to stop the inflammation around the pimples. At the same time it's also helping the body stop producing so much sebum.

This also helps reduce any swelling, pain, and redness caused by those infected pimples. The effects from CBD can also help ease the inflammation from other skin conditions. Eczema and psoriasis also have inflammation and pain, something the CBD can help treat.

phone text of a daily reminder. Be good to your skin, you'll wear it every day for the rest of your life

What works best for acne?

With so many different CBD products out there, what should you be using to ease your acne problems?

Some suggest using a CBD oil with your skin care routine to help ease the pain and irritation of acne. You can apply the oil directly to your skin, or try a topical, like a CBD cream.

The goal is to start with a small amount at first. Too much of anything at first can cause more harm than good. So, as you learn your dosage, start with a small amount in the areas that are most affected. Then as needed, slowly begin applying more if needed.

Dosage can depend on a few things. The main thing that determines your dosage of CBD would be the potency of the oil or cream. Make sure to check the potency before buying.

With school starting soon, it’s only a matter of time before the stress rushes back in.

Whether you’re taking your kids to school, or starting college classes, the stress is going to build.

And who wants to watch their breakouts get worse?

With Vamboo, we have you covered.

Our line of fun and colorful oil tinctures and creams will help you let that stress go and worry no more about school stress.

Fight those zits and breakouts with one of our amazing CBD oils and creams. We use CBD isolate so you’re getting only the purest form of CBD without any of the high.

CBD oil. Fresh cut watermelons
Just gotta "Watermelon and chill!"

So, “Watermelon and chill.” Vamboo has you covered.

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