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The secret to achieving your ultimate fitness goals

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

A short read about how to achieve your fitness goals with a simple to use cream

Lifting weights. Deadlifts. CBD products help with gym goals.

You’re in the gym every day.

Chest. Arms. Legs. Abs. Cardio.

You’re on the field, the track, the court, or the rink.

Football, soccer, running, tennis.

Whatever your workout schedule is, you’ve been keeping to it religiously.

But as always; the next morning is extra brutal.

Your legs scream in pain as you try to walk from your bedroom to your bathroom. Small tasks like grabbing your favorite breakfast seem almost impossible because the burn in your arms.

Getting up and being in pain. Someone having intense muscle pain.

Did you do one too many sets? Was the weight too heavy? Maybe that extra 10 minutes on the elliptical was one minute too many.

Why do we feel this unbearable burning in our muscles after a workout?

Any workout or competition is going to cause your muscles to have tiny tears throughout them. As you workout and use your muscles, lactic acid builds causing that dreaded “burning” sensation after. The tiny tears trigger inflammation. This is your body's natural way of healing itself.

The small injuries that we can’t see can reduce our effectiveness in the gym.

Sure, you can work through it.

No pain, no gain… right?

Wrong. Working through the burn and pushing yourself to fight that pain can actually cause more injury and harm to your body than any good.

And how do you expect to reach your fitness goals when you can’t be in the gym or out on the field?

Keep reading to find out how to achieve your fitness goals with CBD and CBD creams.

person applying lotion. Hand cream application

How does CBD help you in the gym?

Many studies show a positive outlook on the reduction of inflammation. CBD products can definitely help you with those gains in the gym!

CBD is not going to give you those bigger, leaner muscles that you’re hoping for. Though, it will help you stay in the gym and be active for longer.


As your muscles are working they’re becoming inflamed with lactic acid. That’s the burn you feel after a tough day in the gym.

Who likes to work out when they’re in pain and sore?

CBD helps reduce the inflammation and pain. Although the saying may go, “No Pain, No Gain,” no one wants to be active when they’re body is SCREAMING at them to stop.

As the CBD helps with reducing the pain and inflammation, this helps improve the recovery time! You’ll be able to spend more time in the gym lifting weights, doing cardio, or playing the sports you love.

people working out in the gym. Shoulder flys. Dumbbell workouts

Not only will the post-workout “burn” hurt less, but those chronic injuries will seem to heal quicker as well.

Does CBD help with weight loss?

Research has shown that there is a link between chronic pain and obesity. Both issues have negative impacts on each other.

CBD products, like a CBD cream or CBD oils, have both shown to help reduce chronic pains. While it doesn’t entirely eliminate the pain, CBD has helped with the reduction of chronic pain in many patients. With the reduction of pain in those actively trying to lose weight, those weight loss goals have been achieved more easily.

Another study showed a boost in metabolism by the interaction of the CBD and 2 main receptors on the body: CB1 and CB2. Both of these receptors work to reduce body weight by burning off fat and reducing the urge to snack and eat.

Another study shows that CBD can also help promote the browning of fat cells in the body. Long story short: the more brown fat cells, the more your body burns calories. So when you’re in the gym, or when you’re at home resting, your body is fighting hard to burn off those calories.

CBD Creams: the benefits

You’ve heard all about the wonders of CBD creams and how they can help you feel better. It’s as if a miracle cream has been sent to you to take all of your pains away.

But what is CBD cream?

And how does it help?

There are a TON of different topical formals that can be made with CBD. There’s oils, ointments, edibles, creams, and so on. If there’s a way to add some CBD… there’s something for you.

All these products are used by the extraction of CBD from hemp/cannabis plants and is then infused into whatever product you’re buying.

In this case, it’s a cream.

CBD creams are usually a water-based product that have a looser consistency than any ointment or salve. This is what adds to the potency of some creams over others.

When applied to your skin, the CBD in the cream sinks into your skin, and the chemicals do their magic.

The chemicals will hit your bloodstream and begin to interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors work with your immune system and help provide that pain relief.

The cannabinoids in the CBD enhance the effectiveness of the receptors and push your body to work more naturally.

Ultimately, the CBD cream that you’re applying to your skin will help with many of these key issues:

Benefits of CBD cream. How CBD cream can heal your body

Does a CBD cream have benefits for the gym?

Of course it does!

CBD creams include healthy essential oils and other chemicals that aid in the body’s natural health and wellbeing.

As said, there have been many positive stories about CBD creams helping ease inflammation and reduce pains.

Many CBD creams contain high amounts of CBD, so you’ll only need a little to help reduce the burn.

Some common spots to apply would be:

  • Neck

  • Shoulders

  • Joints (IE: elbows and knees)

  • Feet and heels

  • Calves and thighs

  • biceps/triceps

  • Face

As the CBD cream melts into your skin and the chemicals go to work, you’ll start to feel a world of relief.

Your next set, rep, and workout session is going to feel a whole lot easier!

With our CBD pain relief cream, your next gym session is going to be a lot more fun.

Push that extra rep, go that extra set, run 10 more minutes. Your muscles and whole body will feel a world different.

Check out our full line of CBD infused products to help you unlock the secret of your fitness goals today!

Vamboo CBD pain relief cream. Pain relief cream.

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